Business students are understandably intrigued by courses in finance, marketing, management, and other topics, but it’s difficult to beat the return on investment students can get from a business communication course. Here’s our list of 27 ways communication skills can help students in their personal and professional lives.    Read More »

OM in the News: Designed for demise

Apple just introduced a piece of technology that will likely never be used by any consumer. Instead, it kind of cleans up after them: a robot that breaks down iPhones for recycling.     Read More »

Why business plans are pure folly, but planning isn’t

Let me start this column with an open apology to my former students who graduated more than five years ago. I led you to believe that business plans were the true path to entrepreneurial success. That is wrong.    Read More »

MyLabs for Business: Summer 2016 update details

This market-leading program is about to get even better, thanks to feedback from instructors like you. Please read below for important release details and information on the new features.    Read More »
Once the customer has finished adding toppings, the customer then proceeds to the cash register where the cup of frozen yogurt and toppings is weighed. The customer is charged a flat fee of $0.48 per ounce. Do you think that Yogurt Vi pays the same amount to its suppliers for each of the toppings?     Read More »


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