What happened to all those millennial entrepreneurs?

Surveys of millennials entering college consistently showed that 40-50% said that their desire to own a business was a major career goal. Other studies show that an even higher percentage of millennials consider themselves “entrepreneurial.”    Read More »
Noting a high withdrawal and failure rate in their Principles of Accounting course, Demarest and her colleagues determined that homework completion was a critical formative assessment missing from their students’ course preparation.    Read More »

OM in the News: Elon Musk and Vertical Integration at Tesla

Tesla’s move to vertical integration (see Chapter 11) reminds us of Henry Ford’s approach in the 1920s.    Read More »
One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the startup of Entrepreneurial Mind, LLC is the complexity of an effective digital marketing plan.    Read More »
Business students are understandably intrigued by courses in finance, marketing, management, and other topics, but it’s difficult to beat the return on investment students can get from a business communication course. Here’s our list of 27 ways communication skills can help students in their personal and professional lives.    Read More »


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